I understand your busy schedule, appreciate and respect your time. I also have time and employment. Therefore, you and I need timing. So that you can plan your work by allocating time for comments on the project. And so that I can plan my work with you and other clients.

If I do not know when you will give comments on the project, I can not guarantee either you or other clients a deadline.

Working on timings

After discussing the terms with you, I will prepare a timeline where the exact dates will be indicated:

  • when to send materials and information for the site;
  • when will you get the first version;
  • when you need to comment on it;
  • when the project is ready.

Thanks to this, you will be able to plan your working hours and understand exactly when you need to participate in the project.

Before approval, you can adjust the timing as it suits you. If you need to put more time in it, put it in. The timing should be comfortable for you. But as soon as you have agreed on it, you take on the responsibility to meet the deadlines on your part.

My responsibility

I provide
  • ready-made project with texts and all technical settings, available in desktop and mobile versions;

  • video instructions for editing the site;

  • advisory support within 1 month from the date of delivery of the site (included in the price of the site).
After this period, consultations are possible on a paid basis.
I guarantee it
  • the site's compliance with your TOR;

  • creating a website just in time;

  • the quality level of the site is not lower than the sites from my portfolio;

  • immutability of the price (exception-if you change the TOR during the work on the site);

  • compliance with all agreements during the work.
If I delay any stage of work on the site for at least 1 day, the cost for you will be reduced by $ 50

Your responsibility

You need to
  • schedule the time to work on the project in your schedule and agree on the timing;

  • make a deposit of $ 50 to book the dates of work on the project;

  • send all the necessary materials for the project and make an advance payment;

  • give comments on the project and agree on the final version within the agreed time frame;
You answer
  • for providing materials, comments and timely payment;

  • for compliance with the timing on your part.
If you delay the terms agreed by you in the timing, the cost of the site for you will increase by $ 50

Stages and terms of payment

The deposit is 50 dollars
For booking the dates of work on the project (timing)
Phased payment
Payment for the work is made in stages, according to the agreed schedule
Payment for the last stage minus a deposit of 50 dollars
If you break the timing, the deposit is not refunded, i.e. you just pay for the work on the last stage. If I broke the timing, then my $ 50 fine is deducted from the payment for the last stage (i.e., the project is $ 50 cheaper for you)
What is included in the price
  • development of the site structure;

  • edit the texts you provided (if necessary); search for photos (not purchase)in photo banks;

  • creating desktop and mobile versions of the site on standard blocks and in the zero-block Tilde, including 2 iterations of edits;

  • basic SEO settings;

  • video instructions for editing your site;

  • advice on any issues related to the site, within 1 month after the completion of work on it.
What is not included in the price
  • the cost of registering a domain;

  • buying photos in photo banks or organizing a photo shoot;

  • translation of the website text into a foreign language.

Conditions for the return
of the deposit

The deposit is refundable
If the timing on your part is met, the deposit is taken into account in the cost of the project.
The deposit is non-refundable
  • If you canceled the work on the project after the approval and booking of the timing.

  • If you broke the agreed timings at any stage. This condition depends on the fact of the delay, not on the number of days. That is, if you gave comments on the project 1 day later than it was specified in the schedule, the deposit is not refunded.
Why do I need a deposit?
We approve the timing so that you can plan your work, allocate time for comments on the project, and so that I can plan my work with you and other clients. If I do not know when you will give comments on the site, I can not guarantee either you or other clients deadlines for projects. The deposit is an additional incentive to adhere to the timing and insurance in case of its violation.
My ideal result is when we did everything on time, and you got a project that meets your TOR, for 100% of the cost, without penalties
If you do not provide comments on any of the stages of the project within 1 month from the start of work on the project, I give you the project as it is, and close it. Payment for the completed stages of work is not refundable. You can resume the project later, but at a new cost.
By paying a $ 50 deposit for booking dates, you confirm that you have accepted these terms and conditions.
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